Adventure Dives



The infamous GSPOT offering depth to 34 metres, grey nurse sharks, huge bull rays, mulloway, snapper, kingfish and a host of colourful marine life. Swim through reef, caves, nooks and crannies this dive is a wonder followed by an exploratory dive on a reef we have found.


Ex-HMAS Brisbane

One of the worlds best wreck sites, the Ex-HMAS Brisbane is a decommissioned guided missile destroyer. Explore the outside of the wreck and encounter an abundance of local aquatic sea life that inhabits her. Discover the depths of her hull, enter the engine room or even visit the control room where her kill switches are still intact.


Palm Beach Reef

Being the largest coral reef system on the Gold Coast makes this dive site one not to be missed. This rocky reef with an abundance of marine plants including both hard and soft coral offers a diverse variety of marine life including anemone fish, turtles, rays and during the warmer months is a hotspot for leopard sharks.


Grey Nurse Reef

Looking to get up close to some gentle giants? Descending through clear waters to between 15 to 18 metres you will see Grey Nurse Sharks circling, often up to 25 sharks can be seen during a single dive. These beautiful sharks have a placid nature and unlike other sharks, they are smooth to the touch.


9 Mile Reef

This reef is located off the Tweed Coast and has a reputation among locals as being a “sharky’ spot. Year-round a population of wobbegongs call this reef home, during the summer months leopard sharks can be spotted and in the winter months, grey nurse sharks making this a great dive no matter what time of year. This dive is often more of a drift dive due to the regular presence of a current. It isn’t all sharks though as turtles, stingrays, eagle rays, and numerous reef fish can also be seen.


Cook Island

Known as one of the best turtle sanctuaries and home to a permanent colony of green and loggerhead turtles it is worth the short boat ride to experience diving there. Along with the large turtle population, this spectacular location has a large selection of marine life including tropical fish, manta rays, eels, octopus and leopard sharks in the summer months.