Dive Community

Scuba Adventures is your local Gold Coast dive community. A place where we share our love and knowledge of underwater adventuring.

Through our facebook group, we offer an online community to share pictures and build friendships. Our members get access to PADI Professionals to help better your dive knowledge and assist in areas you may need help. All tips and advice are vetted by trained professionals ensuring that you the diver receive good quality information. The page admins are PADI professionals and have a true understanding of requirements for safe scuba.

The community isn’t just only online, our members enjoy the benefits of practical, in-person mentoring sessions run by our PADI professionals and regular social dive days where we run FREE guided seaway dives and provide food, fun, and friendship.

If that isn’t enough reason to become part of our community here are some other benefits that our members enjoy:

  • $6 Air Fills
  • $10 Cylinder Hire
  • $35 Gear Hire
  • 10% discount of scuba gear purchases in store
  • $35 Hydro cylinder testing
  • Exclusive offers to members
  • Wholesale dive opportunities for supporters of dive trips
  • Free Social gatherings
  • Free guided seaway dives, both day and night
  • Access to workshop advice without charge
  • Members also have access to PADI professionals or approved experienced scuba divers for mentor purposes. Access includes additional training at no cost, free practical sessions as well as advice as needed.

Our scuba community is a great community and we would love you to become apart of it.