Guided Seaway, Local Reef & Wreck Dives


Southport Seaway

Take a fully guided tour of the Gold Coast Seaway, one of Australia’s best land-based dives. Come up close with Giant Queensland Grouper, big Mulloway and pelagic fish. Meet our population of Nudibranchs and turtles. It’s a great dive both day and night!


Scottish Prince

The Scottish Prince is a great wreck dive for both newbie and experienced divers. Exploring the wreck is fun but the reason divers come back, again and again, is the marine life. Schools of yellowtail, silver batfish, bream, bullseyes can be seen along with wobbegongs, brown-banded bamboo sharks, blind sharks and more. It is certainly a dive to remember!


Wave Break Island

Protected by the ocean swells this site is fantastic for all experience levels. The colourful coral reefs and exotic marine life make for a beautiful dive. With over 50 different species of fish, many of which school in their hundreds you will want to make sure you have your camera handy.


Migaloo Reef

Located between the Scottish Prince and Greta’s Reef is this beautiful rocky reef. Discovered less than 2 years ago by local divers, this spot was previously unknown and unmarked on any map. Separated into 2 sections by sand the marine life is quite diverse, from small fish to rays and turtles and even possibly dolphins or sharks passing by.


Greta’s Reef

Located close to the Gold Coast Seaway entrance is one of the oldest diving sites, Great’s Reef. This sandy bottom dive site has several boulders running parallel to each other as well as colourful boomies. A vast diversity of marine life can be seen at this site including moray eels, zebra lionfish, nudibranchs and lots more. Dolphins and sharks can also be seen feeding at this site regularly.


Narrowneck Artificial Reef

A different type of reef than you may be familiar with such as a coral reef or a sunken shipwreck. This reef in Narrowneck has been created to help us keep a precious resource plentiful—that resource is sand. It also provides us with some great scuba diving opportunities along the way! Narrowneck is a shallow dive, offering lots and lots of marine life, from rays to turtles and schooling sharks.